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Wat Dhammarangsee was the first Buddhist Temple to be established in Melbourne, Victoria due to the combined efforts and faith of Buddhist people from countries such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, (Kampuchea), Sri Lanka, India and Australia. At first a house was rented to serve as a monks' residence, at 400 Springvale Road, Forest Hill, opposite the present site. The first day that the house operated as a monks' residence was 11th June, 1984 when the abbot, Chaokhun Suviriyan and Phra Yoi Pussiyo came to spend the Buddhist Lenten season. On 13th January 1986 the name "WAT DHAMMARANGSEE" was given to the monks' residence. In 1993, the Foundation purchased the adjacent property at No. 387 Springvale Road. The Foundation's name was changed to "WAT DHAMMARANGSEE MAHAMAKUT FOUNDATION" in 1996.




Phra Tanee

Abbot of Wat Dhammarangsee

Wat Dhammarangsee

387-389 Springvale Road

Forest Hill   VIC   3131   Australia

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